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Announce: Renewal of Website

• Renewal greeting

Thank you for your patronage to our optical business. HOYA GROUP Optics division renewed the website on April 20th., 2011. You can check the up-to-date information of HOYA optical glass material and the product.

We are greatly appreciated if it brings you good solution for your research and development, optics design, and production technique.

• Feature of new website

Our new website is included the following content, and will start soon.

(1) We provide you our new glass group categories, our recommended glass types and our ref1/ref2 glass types.
(2) We introduce you our newly developed glass types as soon as possible.
(3) We introduce the glass material (preform) refer to the aspherical glass lens.
(4) The property data were updated in some of glass types.
(5) We put the specified color of each group of glass types, such as our recommended glass types and our ref1/ref2 glass types.

• Color Classification

For your quick reference, each glass type name is colored according to following list:

Glass Polished Lens H Series 14 types red
S Series 9 types blue
Common glass type 44 types gray
Ref series 26 types white
Glass Molded Lens All glass types 27 types green
Preform for Precision Molded Lens Cold Process Preform 15 types purple
Hot Process Preform 26 types orange
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