PF Product FormList of Glass Types

•the hot process PF "MP-" •the cold process PF "MC-"

Since the melting process between the hot process PF and the cold process PF are different, the glass properties are different. The transmittance property slightly differs between them.
The hot process PF is available up to the volume of 2300mm3, and less than 6500mg by weight.
This catalog lists both types of hot process PF.
One type is called GOB PF for larger sizes the hot process PF. The other type is called ball PF for small sizes.
We will supply the cold process PF for volumes and weights the exceed limits described above for the hot process PF.

Table 1, the type of production process PF

less than 6500mg heat process PF Ball PF Ball PF is formed into a ball shape directly from melting furnace and simple
annealing is applied.
Gob PF Gob PF is formed into a Gob shape directly from the melting furnace and
simple annealing is applied.
over 6500mg cold process PF Spherical
polished PF
Spherical polished PF is formed into a both-side polished throagh
conventional polishig process.
Pressed blanks for
polished PF
Pressed blanks etc for above spherical polished PF

Please consult us for the detailed specification of PF

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